Socks are a basic necessity of our daily life and it has become one of the most exciting accessories in the last 5 years. No doubt it is the most preferred product of all seasons. Socks have been ignored, taken for granted and looked over for many years but there is no denying the fact that nowadays it is one of the most important accessory for creating a fashionable look. There is now a movement of art, self-expression which has drawn in celebrities, athletes, performers and iconic influencers. Socks have a vase range of uses and it is available for infants, babies and adults. They can be used for daily endeavours, sports activities or simply for being cosy at home.

At Ultra Socks, we are aware of this necessity and started our revolutionary journey back in 1993. For our founders, this has been an exciting journey with few simple observations; People need durable, quality and stylish socks. Our priority evolves around high quality garments and great customer satisfaction. At early days, we started with just 11 machines. Today, we proudly produce with the same attention to the quality and the customer satisfaction with 365 high tech machines in a 7000 m2 enclosed area. All our products are carefully finished. We promise quality, style and 100% customer satisfaction.

We are defining the future of knitwear and have a passion for this industry. Hence why today at Ultra Socks, we can proudly announce that we have reached over 1,250,000 pairs a month, yearly a total of 15,000,000, exporting to Scandinavian countries as well as USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland and Netherland just to name a few, and many other countries.


All these years of sock making history stands behind us across generations of our family. Through these generations, our passion and commitment have passed down and grown, making the company one of the most innovative sock producers. Our vision is to continue and strive to improve upon our success and become the most preferred company in all over the world. We are not just a company but a social company. Environmental and social issues are close to our heart and it is a pre-requisite to everything we do here at Ultra Socks. We comply with the local and international laws, we protect human rights and working conditions and do our best to lead and be an example where we can.


Through the years and under our board of directors the company has expanded exponentially, moving into a purpose built factory with high tech equipment, highly trained staff with meticulous attention to quality control. New machinery is purchased and training budget is always increased as we grow to maintain a high level of quality and customer satisfaction. We are fulfilling a dream while maintaining our direction and commitment to human rights, social and environmental care. While much of the business has changed as we grow, our focus on quality and customer care has never changed and this is at the core of our company mission. Still today all our socks are checked by hand for quality control and that is how we just like it.